Stage 6: Reflect

Steps in this stage:

  • Re-read your assignment task and evaluate your assignment against the assessment criteria.
  • Reflect on how well you followed the inquiry process and how effective your study habits were.
  • Reflect on how well you worked in a group (if applicable).
  • On receiving your assignment back from your teacher, read their feedback to determine what you can improve upon next time.

Questions to ask:

  • Did I cover all aspects of the assignment and assessment criteria?
  • How did I go with each step of the inquiry process?
  • What can I improve on next time?


Tools to help you complete this stage:

Reflect Use the links on the right-hand side to learn more.

Evaluate your work Questions to ask yourself to ensure you hand in the best assignment you possibly can.

Assessment Rubric Use this rubric to assess your research assignment before you submit it.

Group Effectiveness Evaluate your group work skills using this form.

PMI Chart Use this graphic organiser to evaluate the Pluses, Minuses and Interesting points of your research process or group work skills.

KWL If you filled out the first two columns of a KWL chart at the beginning of your research, use this opportunity to fill in the last column – what you Learned.

Record your thoughts and reflections using online tools such as blogs, wikis and podcasts (see here for a list).