Newspapers and Current Events

West Australian News

The West Australian website covers local, national and international stories.

Perth Now has a news section dedicated to Western Australian stories.

The Record An archive of news articles from Catholic newspaper The Record. Scroll down the page to find the search button on the right hand side.

Australian News

The Australian An Australian news site with articles covering current events, sport, technology & arts.

The Age An Australian news site focusing on national news.

The Age – Current Issues Topical issues currently affecting Australians.

ABC News Videos News and Current Affair shows on ABC iView.

SBS News Video clips and text articles reporting on local and international news.

Trove Newspaper Archive Search a range of digitised Australian newspapers, published from 1803 – 2007.

International News

Google News Use the menu on the left-hand side to refine results.

Newsweek New articles each week covering US and World issues.

BBC News A UK site with news from around the world.

CNN (Cable News Network) A US site covering international news.

Newspaper Map Over 10,000 newspapers from all over the world.

New Scientist Up-to-date articles on a range of scientific and environmental issues.