Creating Book Trailers

Book trailers are a form of advertising for books. They are similar to movie trailers in that they aim to pique viewers’ interests and provide a visually appealing introduction to a title.

Creating a good book trailer requires creativity, careful planning and a basic knowledge of some ICT tools. Use the links below to learn how you can create your very own book trailer.

Making a Book Trailer

iMove Book Trailer Tutorials
Four YouTube videos with step-by-step instructions for creating a book trailer using iMovie


Book Trailers for Readers
Instructions on how to plan and create your own book trailer

Sample Book Trailers

Book trailers
Collection of book trailers from TeachingBooks


Inside a Dog – Book Trailers
A range of professional and student-made book trailers


Penguin Teen Australia
Publisher-produced trailers

Using Images and Music in your Book Trailers

photographing-480219_640Many images, audio clips and video clips available on the internet are copyrighted, which means you need permission from the owner to use these materials in your book trailer. If an image or clip is licensed under Creative Commons, it means you can use it in your trailer as long as you follow some simple steps. See the Copyright and Creative Commons page for more information, as well as a list of sites you can retrieve copyright-free images and clips from.