WAYRBA Competition Update

We are accepting WAYRBA Competition entries until the end of Week 4, so there is still plenty of time to get involved and go in the running to win some great prizes!

Read more about how to enter here.

Below are just a few of the books that SMC students have read and loved, giving them the highest possible star rating as part of the competition:

The Seventh Most Important Thing

The Seventh Most Important Thing “left me crying tears of sadness and joy at the end, a story of redemption not a ‘feel sorry for me’ story. 3D characters, based upon real life.”
Reviewed by: Amy R (Year 8)

Fashion Assassin (Jessica Cole, Model Spy #2)

Fashion Assassin “is a very entertaining book that had lots of twists and turns and you couldn’t guess the plot line which made it more entertaining.”
Reviewed by: Grace P (Year 7)

Olive of Groves

Olive of Groves “is a fantastic story that has a lot to love. When you read it you kind of fall into your own little world. It is an absolutely amazing story that would be great for anyone looking for some fun!”
Reviewed by: Amity S. (Year 5)

The Fourteenth Summer of Angus Jack

“I would recommend this book to others because it is a book full of adventures and mysteries, it is funny and a bit scary with a mix of mythology and fantasy. You don’t know what’s coming next!”
Reviewed by: Tisya C (Year 6)

Zebra Forest

“I would recommend this book to others because it is about learning new things and getting through tough situations.”
Reviewed by: Chloe T (Year 6)


“I would certainly recommend this book to other students as it is not only an amazing book, but also informs the reader on the consequences of talking to random people online.”
Reviewed by: Isabella R (Year 10)

When the Lyrebird Calls

“I would recommend this book because it is very interesting and awesome. I would recommend it if you like time travel, women’s rights, history and good characters.”
Reviewed by: Matilda R. (Year 6)

The Moonlight Dreamers

The Moonlight Dreamers “is about the struggles of growing up when you’re different and how you are not alone.”
Reviewed by: Amy R (Year 8)

You can read many more student reviews posted on the wall around the WAYRBA display in the Library.

Have you read a great book as part of the WAYRBA Competition? Tell us about it below!


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