Thirteen Reasons Why

Student Reviewer:

Pippa J.
Year 10

Thirteen Reasons Why is written by Jay Asher. This particular book is a Young Adult fiction which has elements of mystery and coming of age.

Thirteen Reasons Why is a novel about a girl called Hannah, who tragically commits suicide due to reasons that are unknown to the readers at the start. However, she leaves behind seven cassettes in a shoe box. This arrives to the door of the main protagonist, Clay Jensen. As the story progresses it explains how twelve people played a role in her death and the thirteen reasons why she took her own life. However, these people must listen to these tapes, or else a second set of the tapes will be leaked to the entire student body.

After reading this novel, it completely changed my view on how bullying affects everyone and how the choices we make are influenced by how we treat others. The fact that we all have a chance of living for the right reasons, not for betrayal and guilt. This books affected me powerfully, with the unique plot line and themes explored. I would recommend this book to older readers, as there is always time to change and to become better people.

4 1/2 stars out of 5.