Take Your Last Breath (Ruby Redfort #2)

Student Reviewer:

Amy R.
Year 6

Take Your Last Breath by Lauren Child is a great book you will enjoy. Take Your Last Breath is the second book in the Ruby Redfort series with Look Into My Eyes as the first book, Catch Your Death as the third, Feel The Fear as the fourth book and coming soon is book number five, Feed Your Poison.

Ruby Redfort is a super smart 13 year old girl who works for Spectrum Agencies but she is quite the rule breaker. So when mysterious things start happening in the sea Ruby drags her friend Clancy Crew with her to get to the bottom of this mystery by going to the bottom of the sea. On top of this her parents must not find out about Spectrum Agencies or what she is doing at the bottom of the ocean. She can’t even tell Hitch the family butler/secret agent friend about her mission.

This is a great book full of adventure and typical teenage attitude. Anyone that likes adventure, attitude, agents or code-cracking will enjoy the book. Girls from 10-15 will like this book best. All together Ruby Redfort: Take Your Last Breath is an awesome book, that no-one can put down.