Twins at St Clare’s: The First Year

Student Reviewer:

Jo S.
Year 5

Identical twins Patricia and Isabel O’Sullivan just finished at Redroofs Junior School and are expected to move to their new senior boarding school for girls called St Clare’s.  Unfortunately, most of Pat and Isabel’s  best friends are moving to Ringmere School.  Their parents are unwilling to send them there as they may become spoilt and snobbish.

At first the twins find it very hard to settle in at their new school. They are expected to be dressed smartly, sew their own clothes and must be in bed by 9:00pm sharp. The sisters liked being important at their old school as they were both school captains whereas in their new school they are no-bodies.

The twins soon settle down and make new friends with the other girls. In this book there are sports matches to be won, midnight feasts to be made, teachers to play tricks on and more!

I would definitely recommend this book to all girls who are aged 10+. I believe that The Twins At St Clare’s is a wonderful book and is very hard to put down. The book is really worth reading and I give 4.5 out of 5 stars.