Fracture (Fracture #1)

Student Reviewer:

Gabriela L.
Year 8

Fracture, a book by Megan Miranda, is about a young girl named Delaney Maxwell who miraculously survives drowning in a lake covered by ice for 11 minutes and whose heart had stopped beating. After waking up several days later she is alert and has brain scans that confirm she has irreparable brain damage. Despite this she is acting normal, has no problem remembering things and has full cognition.

Everyone wants to believe that Delaney is fine, but she finds herself being drawn to the dying. She finds someone like her, Troy Varga, who recently came out of a coma with the same symptoms and Delaney finds comfort in the similarity. A similarity that may be the only thing they have in common. Delaney struggles through judgement and tries to find out if her ability is a miracle, gift or freak of nature. Delaney Maxwell finds herself being shunned from friends and is unsure if she is drawn to death or causing it.

Fracture is an easy read, enjoyable, thrilling and supernatural. For me personally I found the book enjoyable and read the second book Vengeance as well. I highly recommend people who love some romance, supernatural, thriller and mystery to read this book. Out of 5 I rate this book a 4.5.