Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles #1)

Student Reviewer:

Elizabeth S.
Year 10

Cinder by Melissa Meyer is an amazing fantasy novel, loosely based on the fairytale of “Cinderella”. Cinder is the story of a young girl who is not only a mechanic but a cyborg. Her life takes a dramatic twist when she comes face to face with Prince Kai and suddenly finds herself thrust to the center of an intergalactic struggle. Set in a world where cyborgs are treated like animals, androids are as common as humans and a deadly diseases is destroying the population, Cinder is an action packed novel that you will struggle to separate from for even just a moment. The characters are diverse and realistic and the incorporation of the Cinderella fairytale is truly genius.

You will love this book if you admire strong heroines and futuristic settings. You will forget all about your homework with this book in your hands. Cinder is definitely worth four stars out of five.