2016 Junior School WAYRBA Competition

Your chance to WIN one of two $10 Typo Gift Vouchers, or a 3D bookmark!

It’s simple:

  1. Select a book you haven’t read before from the Junior School WAYRBA display in the Library, located outside the glass sliding doors of M2.35. Different books are worth different points.
  2. Read the whole book from start to finish
  3. Fill in the voting form found inside the book.
  4. Choose one of the tasks listed on the back of the voting form. Attach your completed task to the voting form, then place your entry into the WAYRBA competition box (located in the Library).
  5. However many tickets you have earned will be placed into the draw.

Remember, the more books you read and tasks you complete, the more tickets you will earn – which means more chances to WIN!

Please email Miss Davies (davies.chenelle@santamaria.wa.edu.au) if you have any further questions about the competition, or download the WAYRBA Keynote Presentation below.