Boarders’ Study: Early Finishers


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Have you:

  • Revised what you learned during your classes today?
  • Spent some time working on any upcoming assignments or tests?
  • Checked your emails & the Daily Notices?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all of the above, and still have time before study ends, you may choose from the following activities.

Typing Skills

Step 1

Click the ‘Get Started’ button, and begin your touch typing lessons. This site will teach you where the place your fingers on the keyboard and how to type effectively through a series of step-by-step lessons.

Step 2

Play a variety of typing games on this site to test your skills!

Times Tables Practice

Activity 1

Read this article and follow the steps to learn your times tables.


Activity 2

  • Choose a times table to learn (e.g. 2 times tables, 3 times tables, etc) and click on the circled number.
  • Say the times tables for that number in your head as they appear on the screen, and try to remember them.
  • Choose ‘Drag’ or ‘Answer’ under the ‘Single’ heading to practice.
  • Choose ‘Test’ when you are ready to be tested.


Activity 3

Once you have a fairly good knowledge of your times tables, use this game to test your memory and see where you need to improve.


Activity 4: Practice with a friend

This is a two player game that requires nothing but a method to keep points/score. It is a bit like rock-paper-scissors as each player says “three, two, one” and they hold up fingers on one or both hands to represent a number. The first player to multiply the two numbers together and say it out loud gets a point. The first player to 20 (or any number agreed upon) wins the game.


Activity 5: Keep Practising!

Play some games from this site to keep practising your skills.


Along with a great collection of books, we also have a selection of magazines available including Health & Wellbeing, National Geographic, HistoriCool & more.

Don’t know what to read?

Online Games

Choose from the following sites ONLY:

Please see Ms Davies if you have a suggestion to add the to list and I’ll check it out.

Puzzles, colouring & drawing

Try this online site:

Alternatively, there are print copies of puzzles and colouring-in sheets available for you to complete, as well as blank paper to use for drawing; please see Ms Davies.

Macbook Skills

Improve your Macbook skills by reading these articles:
Use keyboard shortcuts to switch between applications
Use keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste text
Take a screenshot (or ‘Print Screen’) of the whole screen
Take a screenshot of a specific part of the screen
Take a screenshot of an open window
Find a screenshot I’ve just taken in Finder
Copy a screenshot to clipboard (rather than it saving to Desktop)
Use the trackpad to right-click
Use the trackpad to display Mission Control
Change how files are viewed in Finder
Use the Spotlight feature to find documents or apps
Delete files
Recover deleted files from Trash
Use the help menu to find answers (e.g. how do I group objects in a Word document so I can move them all at the same time?)


Choose a TV show to watch from the ABC iView Education site:

Google Challenge

Think you’re good at searching online? Give the Google search challenge a go:

Current Affairs

Find out what’s happening in the news in Australia and around the world:

Typing Skills