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General Questions

When is the Sawle Centre Library open?

Please see the About Us page for details of our Opening Hours.

You may use the library at recess and lunch, but please be advised that you are not permitted to consume food or drink.

You may also visit the library during class time, however you will need permission from your teacher and you must sign-in at the front desk.

Where can I find a map of the Sawle Centre?

Please see the About Us page for maps of the Sawle Centre and Plaza levels.

How do I create an eBook account?

To access Wheelers eBooks initially you will need to self-register. We then check your details and approve your registration so that you can start borrowing eBooks. You should use your short school username, and we recommend that you use the same password that you use at school so that it is easy to remember.

Once you have received an approval email from us, you can use your chosen username and password to log in and start borrowing eBooks.

Visit the Help and Support page for further assistance, or see one of the friendly Sawle Centre Library staff.

How do I log into Clickview?

Visit Clickview Online (this can also be accessed from the Seqta homepage).

To log in:

1. Username is your short user name (e.g. 20smij)
2. Password is your normal school password. When accessing Clickview from home you may also need to enter your school email address.

If you are having difficulties logging into ClickView, please visit the Library staff for further assistance.

Borrowing, Reserving and Renewing Items
How many items can I borrow from the SLRC?

Please see the ‘Borrowing Info’ tab on the About Us page for information regarding borrowing items from the SLRC.


How do I renew a book I’m still reading?

Items on loan may be renewed unless they have been reserved by another patron. Please see an SLRC staff member in person or contact us via email at [email protected] if you would like to renew your loans.


How do I reserve a book?

If you would like to borrow a book but someone else has it on loan, you can place a reserve on it and we will email you once it becomes available.

You can reserve a book using the Library Catalogue – simply follow the instructions in this slideshow.

(Please note the Library Catalogue cannot be accessed from home. If you would like us to reserve a book for you please send an email to [email protected]).

Can I request books for the Library to buy?

If you would like to read a book and know that we don’t have it in our collection, you can fill in the form on the Request a Book page.

Alternatively, you can visit the Sawle Centre Library and fill in one of the Book Request forms located on the front counter.

If we decide the book is suitable for our collection we will purchase a copy and email you once it is ready to borrow.

Smartrider & Printing Questions

How do I add money to my SmartRider?

Your parents will need to add money to your SmartRider account using the MyStudentAccount website (this can be accessed via the Seqta portal homepage).

They will need to follow the instructions outlined in either of the documents below:

New Web Portal Manual – Parent [Word]
New Web Portal Manual – Parent [PDF]

Please contact the Sawle Centre Library with any queries.

I have money on my SmartRider but it won't print - what do I do?
Your Smartrider card is linked to three different accounts:
1. Money for printing : your PaperCut Account
2. Money for the canteen:  your Student Account
3. Money for the bus or train : your TransperthAccount – added on the bus or from the TransPerth website.

To transfer money to your printing account:

  • Log on to PaperCut from the Seqta homepage
  • Select “Add Credit”
  • Choose the amount that you would like to transfer
Printing, Scanning and Photocopying
How much does it cost to print?

Black & white = 7c per page.
Colour = 20c per page.


Can I scan documents? How much does it cost?

You can scan documents using the photocopiers in the Sawle Centre and Plaza, and it won’t cost you a thing. When you scan a document, it gets sent to your email so there are no printing costs.

  1. Swipe your Smartrider card on the photocopier
  2. Select ‘Scan’ from the menu
  3. Press the ‘Email: Me’ button on the screen
  4. Place your document face-down on the photocopier (line your page up with the top-right corner)
  5. Press the ‘Start’ button
  6. Repeat steps 2-4 for any other documents you want to scan

It is also possible to scan multiple pages to a single email – see one of the friendly Sawle Centre Library staff for assistance.

Assignment Questions

How do I reference my assignment?

Visit the Referencing page, and scroll down until you find the ‘Referencing and Creating a Bibliography’ heading.

What is a bibliography and how do I write one?

A bibliography (also called a reference list) is a list of books, articles, websites and other sources you have used to research your assignment. The bibliography should be included at the end of your assignment, and should be formated in a specific way.

The easiest way to create a bibliography is to use the SLASA Online Referencing Generator. You may also like to visit the Referencing & Bibliographies page for more information, or see a Teacher Librarian for help.

What is a database and how do I use one?

A database is a collection of information stored on a computer. Databases are organised in such a way that their contents are easy to search and access.

Some examples of databases include Ebsco (a collection of journal articles), Clickview (a collection of videos) and The West Australian Online (a collection of newspaper articles).

Many databases provide access to quality information and articles that cannot be found using internet search engines such as Google because they are password-protected. They are valuable research tools and a good place to start looking for information when beginning your assignments.

See the eResources for Research page for a list of useful databases you can use to find information for your assignment.

Staff Questions

How do I book a Teacher Librarian?

To book a Teacher Librarian to assist with your reading or research class for a period, follow the instructions below. Remember to also book a room in the SLRC or Plaza if this is where you would like your class to work for the period (see toggle box above for instructions on how to book a room).

Click the Book It link found on your Seqta homepage.

From the dropdown menu select Teacher Librarians, then click the Category button.

From the calendar, select the day you require the Teacher Librarian.

A list of Teacher Librarians are displayed, along with their availability. Click on the UpDate button that corresponds with the Period for which you would like to book your desired Teacher Librarian. Enter your class name and your short username (e.g. davc) into the User field, then click the Save button.

It is a good idea to email the Teacher Librarian to let them know the day, period and classroom you have booked.

How do I book a room in the SLRC?

Click the Book It link found on your Seqta homepage.

From the dropdown menu select Sawle L&RC (Plaza Rooms), then click the Category button.

From the calendar, select the day you require the room.

A list of rooms are displayed. Click on the More >> button (left side of screen) for more rooms. View the Map on the About Us page if you are unsure of the room number you require.

Once you have located your desired room, click on the UpDate button that corresponds with the Period for which you would like to make your booking. Enter your class name and your short username (e.g. davc) into the User field, then click the Save button.

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