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Each activity is worth a different number of points. Many of them have a range of points available, so the more time and effort you put in to an activity the more points you will earn for it.

You will need at least 10 points to have the Book Club Co-Curricular included on your report this semester.

For every 4 extra points you will earn a chocolate as a reward 🙂

Judge a book by its cover

Search the library shelves to find at least 10 books with covers that are beautiful / creative / eye-catching, and write down their titles. Find images of the covers online and create a collage (either digital or printed).
(3-5 points)

Bookmark it!

Research five different types of handmade bookmarks and save photos of them to share with the group. Choose one style to make yourself.
(3 – 6 points)

Authors in Real Life

Find two authors you like who post to a social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube). What kinds of things do they post about? Will you follow them? Why or why not?
(2 – 4 points)


Author Bio

Research the author of a book you’ve enjoyed. Write a mini biography in your own words, including at least four of the following things:
When they were born; where they grew up; hobbies or interests; why they became an author; a list of books they’ve written; what they enjoy about being an author; what their favourite book is; what they like to write about.
Include a photo of the author. If you can’t find these answers online, you may need to email the author and ask!
(3 – 5 points)

Insta-worthy book photo

Take a creative Instagram-worthy photo of a book you love (click here for inspiration).
(2 – 4 points)

Book Bloggers & Bookstagrammers

Find three bloggers and/or Instagrammers who feature books in their posts. Use this post as a starting point (you can choose one from this list), then try and find your own. Which one is your favourite and why? Will you follow them in the future?
(3 – 5 points)

Notable sentences

Use post it notes to mark at least three different sentences in the book you are reading that really stand out to you – maybe they use beautifully descriptive language, maybe they relate to your life somehow, or maybe you learnt something from them. Share your chosen sentences during a Book Club meeting.
(3 – 8 points)

Teacher Interview

Interview a teacher about their favourite books and/or their reading habits. Think of at least three questions to ask them. You could email them or conduct the interview in person. Please be polite and understand that teachers are very busy – try not to take up too much of their time!
(4 – 6 points)

Microphone, Live Music, Band, Music, Stage

Quotable quotes

Find a quote about reading, or a quote from a book, that you love. Click here or here to see some examples.
Jazz it up using Canva or similar (you must be over 13 years old to sign up to Canva, or have parent permission).
(2 – 4 points)

GIF review

Write a book review using GIFs. For more information, read this webpage.
(3 – 6 points)

Creative collage

Create a collage to represent a book you have read, using at least 10 pictures (printed photos, magazine images, hand-drawn illustrations, maps etc). Be as creative as you can. Explain to the Book club group why you have included each item, and how they are representative of something in the story.
(3 – 6 points)


Online Book Club

Sign up to the Inside a Dog website (with parent permission) and publish a book review of a book you have loved. Sign up here: 
(5 – 8 points)