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Looking for something more reliable
than a basic Google search?

  • The info found in our eResources below is current, reliable and free.
  • You won’t find the information in our subscription databases anywhere else online
  • Want to know more? Watch these videos.
General Reference
Just been given a new research assignment? Our General Reference eResources are a great starting point to help you understand your topic.
Click to view General Reference resources

Encyclopedia Britannica Online

Use the table of contents on the left hand side of each article to explore a topic further. *Tip: Double click on any word in an article to bring up the definition.

Note: Encyclopedia Britannica is only accessible at school.



Image result for wikipedia logo

Wikipedia is a quick way to gain a better understanding of your topic, however this should not be your only source of information as not all information is 100% reliable. Watch this video for more information about using Wikipedia for research.


Online Thesaurus

Image result for logo

Use this Thesaurus to search for key words from your assignment in order to find other relevant search terms to use during your research.

Digital books on a wide range of topics that can be read right in your Internet browser. The non-fiction titles can be borrowed by multiple users at one time, and you can read them as many times as you need.
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Issues in Society

PDF eBooks covering a variety of current social issues such as asylum seekers, gender discrimination & Indigenous rights.


Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL)

View these eBooks in your browser. The eBooks cover a variety of assignment topics from multiple learning areas.


Wheelers ePlatform

Mainly fiction titles, although there are some reference titles and expository texts available.

You will need to self-register for an account if you don’t already have one, and wait for an approval email before you can sign in. If you have forgotten your password, please contact an SLRC staff member.

Research databases

The databases below contain a wealth of information on a huge variety of research topics. Search within each database using keywords from your assignment.

What are databases and why should I use them?
Click to view Research Databases


A searchable online database with thousands of teacher-reviewed and approved web sites to help with research.

Login details: No login required if at school, otherwise search SEQTA or CONEQT for a document called “Library eResources Login Usernames and Passwords” if you would like to connect from home.


Twig World

A collection of articles and short 2-3 minute videos on various topics including Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science, Physics, Maths, Human Geography.

Login details: Please search SEQTA or CONEQT for a document called “Library eResources Login Usernames and Passwords” to view the login details for this resource.


Understanding Faith

A multimedia resource covering many Religious Education topics. Firefox only – see SEQTA homepage for login details.


Science Reference Centre

Science Reference Centre provides access to a wealth of full-text, science-oriented content, including science encyclopedias, reference books, periodicals, and other reliable sources. In addition, the database includes more than 280,000 high-quality science images.

To log in, simply provide your regular Santa Maria login details.


Australia/New Zealand Points of View

Australia/New Zealand Points of View Reference Centre provides resources that present multiple arguments for and against current issues including abortion, gay marriage, cloning, and climate change.

To log in, simply provide your regular Santa Maria login details.


Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre Plus

Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre Plus provides a large collection of full-text from regional and international periodicals, reference books and biographies, as well as a collection of images containing more than one million photos, maps, and flags. A useful study resource for many topics.

To log in, simply provide your regular Santa Maria login details.



Get access to over 250 million Australian and online resources: books, images, historic newspapers, maps, music, archives and more. *Tip: To find digital content, make sure the ‘Available online’ box is ticked.


ABC Splash

Image result for abc splash logo

ABC Splash brings you high-quality digital educational content from across the ABC and around the world, including videos, audio clips, games and interactive tools.

Video databases

Videos are a great way to learn about your research topic, especially if you are a visual learner.
If you are looking for videos to remix and add into your assignments, see our Guide to using media in your assignments page.

Click to view Video Databases

Clickview Online

An online collection of videos covering many learning areas and topics. Can be viewed at home or school.

To log in: 1. Username is your short user name (e.g. 20smij) 2. Password is your normal school password. When accessing Clickview from home you may also need to enter your school email address.


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Over 50,000 educational videos on a wide range of topics (can be filtered by age range).


Australian Screen

Over 1000 Australian-made videos organised into categories, including History, Science & Technology, Environment, and more.


Khan Academy

Image result for khan academy logo

A collection of videos demonstrating/explaining mathematical and scientific concepts, with practice questions to test your understanding.



A collection of videos from various sources covering science, maths, social science and religion topics.


Moving Image Archive

Use the search box or browse by category using the dropdown menu.

Newspapers & Magazines
A list of online sites where you can read about current events happening in Australia and around the world.
Click to view Newspapers and Magazines


The Tablet is a Catholic weekly journal that reports on religion current affairs, politics, social issues, literature and the arts with a special emphasis on Roman Catholicism while remaining ecumenical.

To log in, simply provide your regular Santa Maria login details.


New Scientist

Search articles using the search box at top of site. Full articles can be found in the SLRC Periodicals section – ask one of the librarians if you need help.


The Guardian

Image result for guardian logo

The Guardian Australia provides news from Australia and around the world. Search for articles on politics, sport, culture, environment, technology and more.


The Conversation

Image result for the conversation logo

“The Conversation is an independent source of news and views, sourced from the academic and research community and delivered direct to the public” (reference).


**Click here for even more local & international news sites…

Images & Audio

Many images & audio clips available on the internet are copyrighted (which means you need permission from the owner to use them in your assignments) but there are still heaps you can use freely without needing to reference them.
Find out more on our Guide to using media in your assignments page.

Research & Study Assistance

During your time at school you will have many projects and research assignments that require you to find and use online information.
The Research Safari is designed to help you navigate your way through the ‘jungle of information‘. Follow the step-by-step Information / inquiry process to help you work through your research task.

Login details:
Please search SEQTA (or CONEQT) for a document called “Library eResources Login Usernames and Passwords” to view the login details for this resource.

If you are looking for resources to help with your study, research and exams, then Studyvibe is for you. Check out the blog for weekly tips and tools, or brush up on your study skills including goal setting, time-management and organisation.

Login details:
Please search SEQTA (or CONEQT) for a document called “Library eResources Login Usernames and Passwords” to view the login details for this resource.

What are databases? Why use them?
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